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Auger Frames and Drives: Mounting Frames ONLY - Universal Skid-Steer Mount
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Everything you need to get drilling

Take on the toughest drilling applications with a Star Industries Auger Kit. The rugged planetary drive unit features heavier components than any other competitor giving it more torque and strength to handle any drilling job (even solid rock).

Mounting Frames

Star Industry Auger Mounting Frames are constructed from heavy wall tubular steel and feature the largest and strongest cradle on the market. Mounting includes a convenient, weatherproof tube for storage of operations manual.

Hose Kit

Hose Kit includes two ½ x 96” hoses in a protective sleeve and flat face hydraulic quick couplers.


Rugged planetary drive units feature heavier components than all competitors and will outperform all other drives in their class. Paired with the correct auger, they can handle any drilling need.

Auger Kits

  • Skid Steer (SS) – Universal Skid-Steer Mount
  • Mini Skid-Steer (MSS) – Mini Skid-Steer Mount
  • Backhoe (BH) – Backhoe Mount
  • Ideal for dirt, concrete and even solid rock
  • Range of auger types and shaft extensions for all applications
  • Extra heavy-duty components that outperform all other drives in their class
  • Mini Auger kit available

*Available in any combination of Auger Drive Unit and Frame

Auger Mounting Frames

Model For
160QT-SS Universal Skid-Steer Mount
160QT-MSS Mini-Skid-Steer Mount
160QT-FL Fits specified telehandler quick-tach
160QT-BH Boom tip attachment for Backhoes and Mini-Excavators
160QT-BLNKB Weld-on attachment plate


Drive Specifications

Attribute 160D-1020 160D-1530 160D-2035 160D-615M 160D-1020M 160D-1530M
Min./Max. Fluid Flow Limits 10-20 GPM 15-30 GPM 20-35 GPM 5-15 GPM 10-20 GPM 15-30 GPM
Max. Intermittent Pressure 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI
Max. Continuous Pressure 3500 PSI 3500 PSI 3500 PSI 3500 PSI 3500 PSI 3500 PSI
Max. Auger Dia. Dirt/Rock 30 in/24 in 36 in/36 in 36 in/36 in 18 in/18 in 30 in/24 in 36 in /36 in


Speed Output
FLOW 160D-1020 160D-1530 160D-2035 160D-615M 160D-1020M 160D-1530M
5 GPM 31 RPM
10 GPM 43 RPM 61 RPM 53 RPM
15 GPM 65 RPM 45 RPM 91 RPM 79 RPM 55 RPM
20 GPM 86 RPM 60 RPM 50 RPM 105 RPM 73 RPM
25 GPM 75 RPM 62 RPM 92 RPM
30 GPM 90 RPM 75 RPM 110 RPM
35 GPM 87 RPM


Torque Output
PRESSURE 160D-1020 160D-1530 160D-2035 160D-615M 160D-1020M 160D-1530M
2000 PSI 1420 ft. lbs. 2041 ft. lbs. 2459 ft. lbs. 1008 ft. lbs. 1165 ft. lbs. 1674 ft. lbs.
2500 PSI 1776 ft. lbs. 2550 ft. lbs. 3075 ft. lbs. 1260 ft. lbs. 1456 ft. lbs. 2092 ft. lbs.
3000 PSI 2131ft. lbs. 3062 ft. lbs. 3688 ft. lbs. 1512 ft. lbs. 1747 ft. lbs. 2511 ft. lbs.
3500 PSI 2486 ft. lbs. 3572 ft. lbs. 4303 ft. lbs. 1764 ft. lbs. 2038 ft. lbs. 2929 ft. lbs.

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