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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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Ajax Troy Metal DetectorAjax Troy Metal Detector
AJAX Detectors Ajax Troy Metal Detector
Sale price$4,200.00 Regular price$4,500.00
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Ajax Tropic Metal DetectorAjax Tropic Metal Detector
Ajax SegmaAjax Segma
Ajax PrimeroAjax Primero
Ajax OmegaAjax Omega
Ajax IotaAjax Iota
Ajax GammaAjax Gamma
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Ajax ElectraAjax Electra
AJAX Detectors Ajax Electra
Sale price$4,100.00 Regular price$5,800.00
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Ajax Ares Metal DetectorAjax Ares Metal Detector
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Ajax Alpha Dual Long-Range DetectionAjax Alpha Dual Long-Range Detection
AJAX Detectors Ajax Alpha Dual Long-Range Detection
Sale price$3,490.00 Regular price$4,900.00
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